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Managing and monitoring the cloud has never been so fast and effective! Available in the SaaS model, CloudCockpit is an integrated administration web platform that optimizes and streamlines CSPs operations, enabling increased profitability, productivity and revenue.

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Why CloudCockpit?

CloudCockpit is a web console to centrally manage the
reseller network of cloud products, allowing to manage
customer information and control subscriptions.



From the moment the partner is certified as Microsoft CSP, in half a day it has the platform ready to use and integrated
with its core business. A self-service mode by enabling customers to manage the entire service.

More profitability

Elimination or decrease of the need to support resellers. There is a significant increase in the ability to grow the resellers network, because there is less time consumed with each one.

No initial investment

It is a risk-sharing model, since the cost of the platform is directly related to the Cloud Solution Provider business volume. A win-win model supporting the
scalability needs.

Business growth

With the use of the CloudCockpit platform, companies have seen a strong acceleration in sales growth, both in the existing base and in attracting new partners, while fully monitoring and controlling their data.

Growing with our Clients


CloudCockpit's mission is to support Microsoft CSP's to accelerate their business through an agile and simple-to-use platform by commercial and reseller teams. IPI Group is an example of how CloudCockpit is fulfilling its mission by enabling a notable growth in turnover and supporting a network of partners in more than 12 countries, which has led to outstanding recognitions. In fact, CIO Review named IPI Group as one of the 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Providers and Silicon Review Magazine has listed IPI Group amongst the Top 10 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers in the World. It’s an honor to see that CloudCockpit platform is an important driver for these results and we hope to continue working to evolve together and make this partnership even bigger and stronger. 




"We are really proud to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers in the World. CloudCockpit platform is definitely helping us to achieve these great results and fulfill our mission of ‘shaping the future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them’."


Adamu Garba II, CEO, IPI Solutions

Adamu Garba II, CEO, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited



CloudCockpit Multi-vendor Support


  • Sell products from other cloud providers in an integrated way
  • Integrated Reseller and Customer view, regardless of which cloud is being sold/purchased
  • Integrated CSP business management
  • Resellers and Customers can autonomously manage their subscriptions on any cloud provider available in CloudCockpit

One example is the integration with Symantec Endpoint Security Cloud. Ask us for a demo, see how it works and start managing all your business in one single console!

multi-vendor support



Business Intelligence @ CloudCockpit


With CloudCockpit you will have more intelligence on your business allowing you to: 

  • Drill-down on the information
  • Always see the most updated information, with automatically refreshed reports
  • Build personalized dashboards
  • Extract business intelligence for enhanced decision making
  • Export data information to use externally or integrate with other systems

With security built-in, simple to use, and filtering according to the connected user profile (CSP, Reseller, End Customer), CloudCockpit is ready to take your business to the next level.

Power BI Business Intelligence



Integrated Management of Cloud Services and Azure Stack


With Azure Stack, Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) can extend their Cloud offer to on-premises environment. This brings new challenges in terms of allowing the CSP customers to seamless manage, combine services and decide the best place to host workloads. CloudCockpit, with its Multi-Provider capability, can help with this task by providing a centralized view and administration panel to manage both Azure and Azure Stack offers.

Azure Stack

One of Ireland's largest CSP is working with Cloudcockpit and has very significant growth rates. Its resellers continue to sell every month, which makes it possible to understand that business growth is sustained and continuous.

Nuno Guerra, CEO, Create IT

Manage the Cloud. Are you ready?

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